ABS LaddWall
Prevents your step/rung ladder from tipping over or slipping

Product image of the ABS LaddWall specification plate
Stainless steel plate containing important user information on how to correctly hook a ladder up to an ABS LaddWall ladder safety device.

Product information ABS LaddWall

Use this ladder safety device, which is firmly fixed to the building structure and made of a durable stainless steel material, to prevent your ladder from tipping over or slipping. Special feature: Our ABS LaddWall is suitable for both step and rung ladders. Thanks to its adjustable side sections, the device can be optimally aligned to fit your ladder perfectly.

  • Designed to be permanently fixed to a wall/facade (screwed, dowelled or cemented into place)
  • Prevents your step/rung ladder from tipping over or slipping
    • Max. step depth: 87mm
    • Min. rung width: 280mm
  • Installed using installation materials that match the respective surface (not included)

Find out more about our ABS LaddWall Ladder safety device designed for permanent installation on a facade

Ladders that have not been secured against slipping or tipping are amongst the most common causes of accidents: Almost 30% of all falls that need to be reported involve a ladder (DGUV statistics 2019).

Our ABS LaddWall lets you install a permanent ladder safety device with very little effort and protects both your workers and yourself from falling. As it is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, our ABS LaddWall can also be permanently installed outdoors.

Simply lean your step/rung ladder against the structure according to the specifications found on the respective ladder, for example under observance of the prescribed angle of incline (usually between 65°-75°). Should the ladder then start to tip over or slip while in use, it is immediately stopped by one of the two safety bars, thus preventing it from moving any further.

For more information on the subject of ladder safety devices, please refer to our fall arrest manual.

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