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ABS LaddWall
Attach this ladder safety device to a wall or facade to prevent it from tipping

Product information ABS LaddWall

Use this stainless steel hook device, which is firmly anchored to your building structure, to secure your ladder and prevent it from slipping and tipping. Attach it permanently to a wall or facade. Depending on your requirements, it can be screwed on, dowelled on or cemented into place using special adhesive.

  • For fixing to a facade
  • Ladder safety device for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Prevents slipping and tipping
  • Designed for rungs at least 280 mm wide
  • Installation to be carried out using suitable installation materials depending on the surface (not included)

Find out more about our ABS LaddWall Ladder safety device designed for permanent installation on a facade

Free-standing ladders with no built-in anti-slip or anti-tip features are one of the main causes of accidents: Almost 50 % of all falls from high up involve a ladder (according to the DGUV statistics for 2015 derived from accidents that have to be reported).

Our ABS LaddWall permanent ladder safety device can be installed with minimal effort to protect you and your employees from falls. The rust-resistant, stainless steel material used in our ABS LaddWall makes it just perfect for long-term outdoor usage.

Simply lean the ladder against the wall according to the instructions. Should the ladder then slip or start to tip over, it is immediately caught by one of the two safety bars which prevent it from moving any further.

Please refer to our Glossary for further information on the topic of ladder safety. Our Sales & Engineering Team would also be pleased to provide you with any help and advice you may need on our mobile ABS LaddQuick ladder safety device or our ABS LaddFix model which is simply clamped onto a rain gutter.

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