ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester
Sharp edge-tested kernmantle cable with rope shortener and energy absorber

Photo showing an alternative ABS Lanyard model equipped with a DBI carabiner
The choice is yours: We can also supply our ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester with a specially-designed DBI carabiner hook

Product information ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester

This guided-type fall arrester should be a permanent component of your PPE kit. This connector is based on a sharp edge-tested kernmantle cable (Ø 12 mm) and includes a rope shortener, energy absorber and 2 carabiner hooks. It has been specially designed for users who work high up and weigh less than 140 kg (incl. kit).

  • EN 353-2:2002 & EN 358:2000
  • Sharp edge-tested kernmantle cable (Ø 12 mm) acc. RFU CNB/P/11.075
  • Incl. energy absorber and adjustable rope shortener
  • Max. load-bearing capacity: 140 kg
  • Available lengths: 5 m, 10 m, 15 m and 23 m (there is also an optional model available with specially-designed carabiners for temporary usage in a lifeline system)
  • Our model with a DBI carabiner was designed for usage with our optional accessory ABS UP-System
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Find out more about our ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester Our ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester is predestined to be included as a basic component in your PPE kit

On no account should this high-quality connector be missing in your personal fall protection kit (PPE): It provides an indispensable link between your fall arrest system and your safety harness. This ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester with flexible anchor line (tested according to EN 353-2 and EN 358) is based on a robust, durable kernmantle cable, a manually-adjustable rope shortener and a high-quality lanyard with an integrated energy absorber. All "ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arresters" are available in various lengths (5, 10 15 and 23 m) and are suitable for usage by individuals with a total weight not exceeding 140 kg (incl. clothes and equipment). It also goes without saying that the kernmantle cable (Ø 12 mm) of this connector, which is in a typical red colour, has been sharp edge-tested.

Simply attach the carabiner hook of the sharp edge-tested guide cable to the anchorage point of your safety system to prevent falls: Our ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester model is ideal for attachment to an anchor or roof hook, a cable in a lifeline system or the anchorage eyelet of a cable glider designed to glide around curves and over the intermediate posts in a lifeline or rail safety solution.

You can use the ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester rope shortener to adjust the connector to the optimal length - keeping it as taut as possible: Accordingly shortened to act as a retention device, our connector prevents the user from accidentally stepping over the edge or onto structural components where he/she may break through. However, should the user nevertheless fall, the rope shortener - assuming it has been shortened to the correct length in advance - automatically blocks so that the user is caught and prevented from hitting the ground. The textile lanyard energy absorber reduces any ensuing force to a level not exceeding 6 kN.

Upon request, we can supply ABS Lanyard - guided type fall arrester connectors with special DBI carabiner hooks. These can be used with our ABS UP telescopic rod system (and only with this system!). This allows you to easily hook up the connector to a difficult-to-reach anchorage point without having to leave the safe zone. We would be happy to provide you with more information on applications where you can use our ABS UP system.

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