ABS Lanyard - temporary lifeline system
Sharp edge-tested kernmantle cable with rope shortener, energy absorber and carabiner hook

Sketch showing an example of how an ABS Lanyard - temporary lifeline system could be implemented
An ABS Lanyard - temporary lifeline system can be set up parallel to the edge of the roof to provide reliable fall protection for your workers as they move across the roof surface
Image showing an ABS RopeGlide roller glider - use it with a steel cable or connector for a perfect fall protection solution
ABS RopeGlide: High-quality roller glider for flexible use on kernmantel ropes in temporarily erected single rope fields or on ABS-Lock SYS lifeline systems.

Product information ABS Lanyard - temporary lifeline system

Simply use this special kernmantle cable to set up a temporary horizontal lifeline system on a pitched or flat roof surface. This product is equipped with carabiner hooks and is available in different lengths, enabling you to install a lifeline system over a long distance. 

  • EN 795:2012 & CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • EN 353-2:2002 & EN 358:2000
  • Sharp edge-tested kernmantle cable (Ø 12 mm) acc. RFU CNB/P/11.075
  • Incl. energy absorber and adjustable rope shortener
  • Specially-designed anchorage device for securing up to 4 individuals simultaneously
  • Incl. carabiner hooks for hooking up along the way (15 m = 1 hook, 23 m = 2 hooks, 30 m = 3 hooks)

Find out more about our ABS Lanyard - temporary lifeline system ABS Lanyard - temporary lifeline system with a kernmantle cable - for safety you can rely on

Our ABS Lanyard can be used as a temporary lifeline in horizontal applications on flat and pitched roof surfaces. The system is based on a kernmantle cable, thus making it easy to transport and quick to set up and take down.

The fact that a kernmantle cable is used means that our ABS lanyard is well-protected as the load-bearing core of the cable is sheathed. This means that external contamination and UV radiation have very little effect on this load-bearing material. In terms of strength and reliability, our ABS Lanyard kernmantle cable has some strong arguments in its favour compared to other products that use a twisted cable.

Simply stretch our ABS lanyard between suitable fixed points or anchorage devices. The maximum possible distance between two fixed points is 21 metres. The carabiner hooks that come with the lanyard can be used to add additional fixed points to your safety system.

Our ABS Lanyard was specially designed as an anchorage device for securing up to 4 individuals simultaneously. A carabiner hook has been sewn firmly onto the product and can be used to connect it to an anchorage device. The unit at the other end of the cable is used to adjust the tension of your lifeline system. The integrated energy absorber has been tested and certified specifically to this purpose. However, this does not replace the lanyard energy absorber.

This temporary lifeline system is available in the following standard lengths: 15, 23 and 30 m. You can combine it, for example, with a lanyard with a built-in energy absorber or with a suitable self-retracting lifeline (ABS B Lock).

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