ABS-Lock Falz-H
Anchorage point - specially designed for standing seam roof surfaces

Product information ABS-Lock Falz-H

Our ABS-Lock Falz-H anchorage point (anchor/lifeline system) was specially designed and approved for angled standing seam roof surfaces. This anchor comes with a round base plate which optimally distributes any ensuing force; the base plate itself is equipped with an integrated seal. The sliding properties of the roof are retained even after installation.

  • In Germany: Please observe the installation instructions provided in the "abZ" (national technical approval: Z-14.9-822)
  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • Designed for standing seam roofs (manufacturer-independent)
  • OSB: Min. 22 mm
  • Wood: Min. 24 mm
  • Can be installed through a vapour barrier / waterproofing
  • Installation set included

Find out more about our ABS-Lock Falz-H Safety all round: Anchorage device with national technical approval - specially designed for standing seam roof surfaces

Our ABS-Lock Falz-H anchorage device comes with a round base plate which optimally distributes any ensuing force through your standing seam roof surface. It can be used either as an anchor or as a support in a lifeline system designed to provide individual fall protection. Our ABS-Lock Falz-H anchorage point - which enjoys national technical approval - is simply screwed into place. It is made of high-strength aluminium and stainless steel materials. The high-quality design of this anchor is rounded off by a weather-resistant laser-etched label thanks to which all the important product information is still legible years later. This information includes the seal of approval (Ü symbol), max. number of users and the product's individual serial number.

The round base plate of our ABS-Lock Falz-H anchorage point ensures that the ensuing force of a fall is optimally distributed. This means that this system can even be installed on OSB panels that are only 22 mm thick. If the anchor is to be installed on wooden panelling (minimum depth: 24 mm), it must be installed on the middle of a load-bearing beam. A round opening needs to be made before installing the device. However, as the anchor includes an integrated seal the metal seam surface is sealed up right after installation - keeping your roof totally watertight.

There are various ways of installing an ABS-Lock Falz-H: Firstly, it comes with a discreet stainless steel anchor tab. Alternatively, various components can be added, if you want to set up a lifeline system. As our ABS-Lock Falz H device has been awarded national technical approval ("abZ") by the German Institute for Construction Technology ("DIBt"), any lifeline system based on this anchorage device is also automatically approved.

It is easy to set up a DIBt-approved lifeline system using our products: Our traversable ABS-Lock SYS anchorage systems have been approved for a variety of different surfaces and cleverly combine the ultimate in safety with ease of usage. Simply add supports, corner elements or end terminals to our ABS-Lock Falz-H system according to your own individual needs. We would be happy to support you and take care of the planning and installation of your anchorage system - just ask us.