ABS-Lock Falz III
Unobtrusive anchorage point - designed for clamping onto a rounded-edge seam

Presenting our ABS-Lock Falz III in moving images: Watch our short product video to find out more about its most important features!
The image shows a fall arrest anchorage eyelet which a roofer can use to hook up a pipe hook
The anchorage eyelet is used to attach a securing cable for work on a seam roof
Detailed image of this specially-designed clamp for rounded-edge seam profiles
This rounded-edge seam clamp can be installed on a metal roof surface without penetrating it

Product information ABS-Lock Falz III

This compact aluminium anchorage point is simply clamped onto a rounded-edge seam - completely penetration-free. Its freely-rotating anchorage eyelet is used to protect 1 individual from falling. As it is so quick and easy to install this anchor, it is ideal as a temporary solution.

  • EN 795:2012, A
  • Clamped design - completely penetration-free
  • Mounted on a single seam
  • Aluminium thickness ≥ 0.7mm
  • e.g. BEMO or similar
  • Incl. installation set

Find out more about our ABS-Lock Falz III Small anchorage point with a great impact: ABS-Lock Falz III - specially designed for seam roofs

ABS-Lock Falz anchors - specially designed for securing individuals - keep your roof sealed up! The secret of these anchors is that they consist of a special seam clamp which enables them to be quickly and easily installed. Our ABS-Lock Falz III anchor is simply clamped straight onto a rounded-edge seam without penetrating the roof membrane and can then be used as a fall arrest device to secure 1 individual. Roofers & Co. simply hook the carabiners of their personal protective equipment (PPE) up to an ABS-Lock Falz III anchorage eyelet for a really easy-to-use, unobtrusive anchor solution.

The real highlight of our ABS-Lock Falz III is its anchorage eyelet which can rotate a full 360°, allowing it to be used in any direction of load anywhere on your roof surface. It provides the user with plenty of room to manoevre and prevents the carabiner hook from jamming. This anchorage point is a high-quality fall arrest device made from durable stainless steel material. The clamp itself is made of weatherproof aluminium.

Due to its extremely compact, lightweight design, our ABS-Lock Falz III is the ideal partner for temporary implementation in a fall danger zone on a seam roof. It is installed in a few easy steps - allowing you to set up an anchor solution in just a couple of minutes. To use this anchor as a retention or fall arrest system, all you need is a matching lanyard, safety harness and, ideally, a helmet. ABS Safety offers all this equipment and more - everything you need to be able to work safely high up. Just take a look at the Fall arrest PPE section of our website or contact our friendly and experienced Sales team.

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