ABS-Lock Falz IV Klip
Anchorage point - designed for clamping permanently onto metal seams

Detailed image of this special seam clamp anchor solution for metal seam roofs
This seam clamp anchor solution is easily installed without penetrating the roof surface

Product information ABS-Lock Falz IV Klip

Thanks to its robust aluminium clamps, this stainless steel anchorage point can be attached to a metal seam roof with special profiles (KlipTec, Snapfalz etc.) without needing to penetrate the roof surface. The device can be flexibly attached to two seams spaced 300-660 mm apart.

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • Clamped onto two adjacent seams - completely penetration-free
  • Seam intervals: 300 - 450 mm / 420 - 660 mm
  • Sheet thickness ≥ 0.75mm
  • e.g. KlipTec, Snapfalz or similar
  • Incl. installation set
  • We also supply a protruding model for use in a lifeline system

Find out more about our ABS-Lock Falz IV Klip KlipTec, Snapfalz & Co. – Anchor for special seam profile systems

Our stainless steel ABS-Lock Falz IV Klip is simply clamped onto two adjacent metal seams (e.g. KlipTec, Snapfalz etc.) to protect 3 individuals from falls. This is achieved using special aluminium clamps that avoid opening up your roof membrane. Once the clamps have been professionally installed, the anchor sits firmly on top of the roof membrane.

You can implement this anchorage device either as a single anchorage point or as a load-bearing intermediate element in a lifeline system, depending on your requirements. Our ABS-Lock Falz IV Klip can easily cope with the pre-tensioning load exerted on the stainless steel cable. A fully traversable lifeline system offers the ultimate in user-friendliness and an uninterrupted workflow: Secure your whole roof surface absolutely interruption-free, e.g. through the implementation of an ABS-Lock SYS IV system. Your workers only need to hook up once and can then use their matching gliders to move along parallel to the system without encountering any obstructions - and without needing to unhook/rehook.

Our ABS-Lock Falz IV Klip anchorage device provides reliable protection when installed on a subsurface that is at least 0.75 mm thick and is available in two widths: Model 1 can be used on seams that are 300 to 450 mm apart; model 2 is suitable for roofs with a seam interval of between 420 and 660 mm.

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