ABS-Lock II Steel Cover
Stainless steel protective cap for our ABS-Lock I+II anchorage solution

Product information ABS-Lock II Steel Cover

This high-quality stainless steel cap can be used to hide an ABS-Lock I+II system sleeve that is permanently installed in the subsurface. Not only does it look great - it also protects the sleeve from dust and other contamination. The cap closes automatically, if it is installed on a wall.

  • Protective cap for our ABS-Lock II model
  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • Ø 40mm
  • Closes automatically, if installed on a wall

Find out more about our ABS-Lock II Steel Cover Classy camouflage - ABS-Lock II Steel Cover cap

Use one of our high-quality ABS-Lock II Steel Cover caps to hide an ABS-Lock II-B or ABS-Lock II-ST sleeve in style. This stainless steel cap hides the hole in the wall, protects the sleeve - and closes automatically, if installed on a wall.

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