ABS-Lock III-BE Installation Aid

Stainless steel extension piece to protect an ABS-Lock III-BE anchor from accidental hammer damage
Grafik eines Gewindeschutzes aus Edelstahl.
Grafik eines Sekuranten, der fest in den Betonuntergrund eingehämmert wird.
Vor Verformungen des Sekuranten durch unsaubere Hammerschläge wird vor der Installation der robuste Gewindeschutz mit der Bezeichnung ABS-Lock III-BE Einschlaghilfe aufgeschraubt.

Product information ABS-Lock III-BE Installation Aid

Protect the upper thread of your ABS-Lock III-BE anchorage point from deformation through accidental hammer damage. Before hammering your anchor into place, simply screw this extension piece on top of the thread - and remove it afterwards to make room for your anchorage eyelet.

  • Protects your ABS-Lock III-BE thread from accidental hammer damage
  • Manufactured completely from stainless steel material

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Protect the thread or your ABS-Lock III-BE anchorage point

Our ABS-Lock III-BE anchorage point scores top marks for being particularly easy to install: To install it permanently in a concrete surface, simply drill a hole and hammer the stainless steel rod in. The special dowel at the tip of the rod ensures it is held reliably in place - creating the basis for a fall arrest solution which can secure up to 3 individuals at any one time. Once you have hammered the rod into place, simply screw the anchorage eyelet onto the anchor thread.

To prevent deformation of the thread through accidental hammer damage, just use one of our practical stainless steel installation aids. Our ABS-Lock III-BE Installation Aid is simply screwed onto the top of the thread so that your hammer hits this protective top piece. Once installed, all you have to do is to unscrew the installation aid and keep it for when you install the next anchor. Like nearly all of our ABS Safety anchorage points, this thread protector is made of weather-proof stainless steel material.

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Grafik eines im Betonuntergrund verankerten Sekuranten, der mit einem einzigen Spezialdübel installiert wird.

Anchorage point - designed for hammering into a concrete subsurface