ABS-Lock III Extension
Extension piece for an ABS-Lock III anchorage point

Product information ABS-Lock III Extension

Use one of these rod extensions to extend your ABS-Lock III anchorage point by an additional 100 or 200 mm. The rod includes a special sleeve to connect it up. Both components are manufactured from weather-resistant stainless steel material.

  • 100 mm and 200 mm models available
  • Installation materials included

Find out more about our ABS-Lock III Extension Is your anchor rod too short? No problem - simply add an ABS-Lock III Extension!

Use one of our ABS-Lock III Extensions to increase the total length of your ABS-Lock III anchor rod. This high-quality extension is available in two lengths: 100 or 200 mm. It is made completely from weather-resistant stainless steel material. Simply screw this extension onto the top of the rod thread - as if you were installing the anchorage eyelet.