Anchorage point with supporting tube for wooden structures - countered

Product information ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR-H

This reinforced, stainless steel anchorage point (Ø 16 mm) comes with a special supporting tube (Ø 42 mm) and includes an angular plate for lateral installation. Simply drill 2 holes through a load-bearing beam to install it. Our standard package includes threaded bolts and nuts for countering.

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • Angular plate for lateral installation
  • Designed for load-bearing wooden structures
  • Minimum beam dimensions: 100 mm x 200 mm
  • Incl. stainless steel installation set
Force Directions
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR-H Anchorage device with supporting tube for wooden structures

Whether you are planning to use it as an intermediate or corner support or as an end terminal: Our stainless steel ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR-H, which comes with a supporting tube (Ø 42mm), can be incorporated into your lifeline configuration in a variety of different ways. The device is fixed to a wooden surface using an angular plate. The bolts are driven through a load-bearing wooden beam (rafter) and then countered accordingly. The additional screw-on supporting tube ensures that the anchorage point does not buckle when the lifeline system is initially pre-tensioned.

Up to 3 workers can use our ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR-H as an anchorage device at any one time - overhead, if needs be: Our anchorage device has been tested for all directions of load to provide maximum protection when integrated in a fall arrest or retention system. Should the device be subjected to the force of a fall, the special steel design ensures that the anchorage device buckles to the exact pre-defined degree - effectively reducing the ensuing force.

Our standard ABS-Lock III-SEITL-SR-H package includes all the required nuts and bolts for countering. Alternatively, you can also install the device on a steel structure (countered) or concrete surface.

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