ABS-Lock SYS IV for ABS Base Weight
Traversable lifeline system (6 mm) for PV substructures

Product image of the ABS special stainless steel cable (red and colourless)
Stainless steel cable made from extremely robust AISI 316 steel material. The 6mm version is also available in the easily recognisable warning colour red. Weight: 152g/m (6mm), 250g/m (8mm). Pre-packed lengths: 2.5m sections available up to 20m; over 20m = 5m sections. Price per meter.
Image showing a fully-traversable ABS TI Bracket - an intermediate bracket for lifeline systems
Install an ABS TI Bracket on top of an intermediate support in a lifeline system for a fully-traversable solution
Image showing an ABS ForceLimiter for anchorage systems - specially designed to stretch and reduce the force of a fall
If an individual falls whilst connected up to an ABS-Lock SYS lifeline system, our ABS ForceLimiter reduces the force exerted on the subsurface
Image showing a specifiation plate for safety systems, e.g. lifeline system, to protect against fall from height
Mandatory sign for safety systems, e.g. lifeline systems, manufactured from stainless steel material with weather-resistant, laser-etched specifications.

Product information ABS-Lock SYS IV for ABS Base Weight

This version of our ABS-Lock SYS IV traversable lifeline system, based on a 6 mm Ø stainless steel cable, was specially developed for use with our ABS Base Weight PV substructure. It provides you and your team with a reliable, interruption-free fall protection solution - whether you are working around your PV system or moving away towards the falling edge. The extremely small distance to the parapet (min. 0.80 m) lets you install the maximum number of solar panels possible - but still leaves plenty of room to carry out your maintenance tasks in safety. Of course, the cable safety system can be extended beyond the PV system on the roof surface, there are virtually no limits.

  • EN 795:2012, C, E & CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • The system, including our compatible ABS TI-FlexCurve (curve element) and ABS TI-Bracket (intermediate bracket) options, is fully traversable
  • Ideal for flat roofs (schools, gyms, warehouses etc.)
  • Protects up to 2 individuals simultaneously
  • 6 mm Ø stainless steel cable (V4A), also available in red
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Find out more about our ABS-Lock SYS IV for ABS Base Weight Traversable lifeline systems for interruption-free fall protection

Our ABS-Lock SYS IV lifeline system, specially developed for use with our ABS Base Weight PV substructure, offers you the ultimate in safety when working on a roof surface. Whether you are servicing your photovoltaic system, cleaning your roof surface or inspecting roof drainage - this system ensures you are optimally protected at all times.

The robust 6 mm Ø stainless steel cable is fully traversable when used in combination with an ABS QuattroRoll glider. This allows you to move around freely and safely - without having to disconnect and reconnect the carabiners. The system is designed to protect up to two individuals simultaneously so you can also work efficiently and safely in a team.

Our optional, flexible ABS TI-FlexCurve curve element adapts perfectly to the contours of your roof surface, providing an interruption-free cable route - even around corners and obstacles.

Using an ABS-Lock SYS IV lifeline in combination with our ABS Base Weight PV substructure is an investment in a durable and reliable fall protection system that makes working up on the roof safer and more efficient.

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