ABS-Lock Wave 60

Anchorage point for corrugated roof panels - designed for screwing onto wooden beams ≥ 60 mm
Image showing our highly durable ABS-Lock Wave anchorage point - specially designed for corrugated roof surfaces
Anchorage point ABS-Lock Wave 60, installation on special corrugated roofs.
Installation of the fall protecion anchor ABS-Lock Wave 60 on a special corrugated roof.
ABS-Lock Wave 60, fall protecion anchorage point for special corrugated roofs
Fall protecion anchor ABS-Lock Wave 60 on a special corrugated roof.
Presenting our ABS-Lock Wave 60 anchorage point in moving images: Watch our short product video to find out more about its most important features!

Product information ABS-Lock Wave 60

Thanks to its elongated aluminium base plate, this stainless steel anchorage device can be installed on a fibre cement roof (wave distance 177 mm), if the roof beams measure at least 60 x 120 mm. The device is attached to 2 beams. The base plate, which is 125 cm long when delivered, can be shortened onsite, if required.

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Special wave design, e.g. for Eternit and similar roof systems
  • Designed for load-bearing wooden structures
  • Simply screwed onto two adjacent beams
  • Min. beam dimensions: 60 x 120 mm
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Find out more about our ABS-Lock Wave 60

ABS-Lock Wave 60: Single anchorage point for corrugated sheeting installed on narrow beams

This anchorage device was specially designed for corrugated roof surfaces. The beams only need to measure 60 x 120 mm to be able to install it. Our ABS-Lock Wave 60 is equipped with a 125 cm base plate and is attached to two beams using four screws. Our standard model is designed for a roof beam interval of 115 cm (measured from the center of one beam to the center of the next).

Our ABS-Lock Wave 60 model offers a high level of flexibility: Just drill two additional holes through the aluminium profile where required to adjust the system to match smaller beam intervals. The two elongated eyelets at one end of the base plate also allow you to finely adjust the anchorage device for a perfect fit.

This anchorage device was specially developed for the typical wave design found in corrugated roof sheeting with a wave interval of 177 mm (e.g. Eternit systems). Our ABS-Lock Wave 60 package includes a set of matching stainless steel screws. The device has been laser-etched to provide all the relevant specifications.

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