Anchorage point equipped with an abseiling eyelet designed for attachment to a hollow-core slab ceiling using drive-in dowels

Product information ABS-Lock X-SR-HD-AS

This durable, stainless steel anchor can be used by one individual for abseiling purposes and is attached to a concrete hollow-core slab ceiling. The supporting rod (Ø 42 mm) is firmly welded on.

The larger-scale base plate (240 x 240 mm) of the anchorage point is permanently installed on the subsurface using the special slab expansion dowels included in the set.

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • Adapter plate for hollow-core slab ceilings + welded-on supporting rod
  • Designed for concrete hollow core slab ceilings ≥ C45/55 (B55)
  • Web thickness min. 25 mm
  • Installed using the 8 special expansion dowels included in the set
  • Can be installed across cavities and solid material

Find out more about our ABS-Lock X-SR-HD-AS Do you want to connect up or abseil down? This concrete anchor for hollow-core slab ceilings can be used for both.

Single anchorage point (SAP) - designed to protect up to 3 individuals from falls, alternatively for abseiling usage by 1 individual. Our reinforced ABS-Lock X-SR-HD-AS  stainless steel anchorage point for hollow-core slab ceilings offers you two options. This stainless steel anchor can be used as a retention or arresting system as part of your flat roof safety system. It is also equipped with an abseiling eyelet which can be used by industrial climbers or window cleaners for abseiling purposes.

As it is made entirely of weather-resistant stainless steel material, our ABS-Lock X-SR-HD-AS is ideally suited for outdoor installation. All the information required for documenting the usage, installation and maintenance of the device has been permanently lasered onto the steel surface. Thanks to its solid base plate, adapter plate and  firmly welded-on supporting rod, this special anchor /abseiling eyelet combination can easily withstand the long-term stress caused by an industrial climber. This allows cleaning, repair and tree work to be carried out safely.

This  anchor/abseiling eyelet combination is permanently installed using 8 special cavity dowels. These are driven into a concrete hollow core slab with a web thickness of at least 25 mm.  According to EN 795, the eyelet of our ABS-Lock X-SR-HD-AS can be used as a fall protection anchorage device by up to 3 individuals simultaneously. Please note that using the device for abseiling purposes is limited to one individual.

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