ABS-Lock X Supporting Tube
Stainless steel reinforcement for ABS-Lock X anchorage points

Product information ABS-Lock X Supporting Tube

Upgrade your ABS-Lock X anchorage point for usage as a corner or end support in a lifeline system. This additional stainless steel reinforcement (Ø 42 mm) includes an energy absorber and is capable of withstanding the pre-tensioning load exerted on your stainless steel cable.

  • Supporting tube for Ø 16 mm posts
  • Designed for usage as a corner or end support in a lifeline system
  • Includes an energy absorber

Find out more about our ABS-Lock X Supporting Tube Additional supporting tube for anchorage points with a base plate

Did you know: You can incorporate almost any ABS Safety anchor as a system support in a lifeline system designed to protect users from falling. Our ABS-Lock X anchorage points - which are equipped with a base plate - can also be used as system supports or corner brackets in our ABS-Lock SYS I-IV systems, if necessary. However, to be able to cope with the pre-tensioning load exerted on the stainless steel cable of a lifeline system, both the corner elements as well as the end brackets need to be reinforced using additional supporting tubes. Our ABS-Lock X Supporting Tube allows you to easily upgrade many of our anchorage devices.

Our optional ABS-Lock X Supporting Tube (Ø 42 mm) is made of weather-proof, stainless steel material, like most of our ABS Safety fall arrest solutions, and comes with a plastic energy absorber. The supporting tube is available in lengths ranging from between 150 and 800 mm. Simply order this supporting tube in our Online Shop or ask our Sales Team about how to extend your ABS Safety fall arrest device.

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