Anchorage point for installation on sandwich roofs and trapezoidal sheeting using toggle bolts

Presenting our ABS-Lock X-SW anchorage point in moving images: Watch our short product video to find out more about its most important features!
Image showing an ABS-Lock X-SW-SR anchor equipped with a supporting tube - specially designed for sandwich profiles
Our ABS-Lock X-SW-SR anchorage point, which is installed using toggle bolts, is suitable for usage in a lifeline system when reinforced with a special supporting tube
Image showing an installation technician working on a sandwich roof surface who has connected up to an anchor to protect himself from falling
When connected to an ABS-Lock X-SW anchor, a roofer is protected from falling when working on a sandwich roof surface

Product information ABS-Lock X-SW

This anchorage point (Ø 16 mm) for sandwich sheeting is simply installed from above using 4 special toggle bolts. The anchorage eyelet, rod and base plate (372 x 200 mm) are all manufactured completely from stainless steel material. The special toggle bolts needed are included in the package.

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Sandwich and trapezoidal sheeting (negative)
  • For steel plating ≥ 0.5 mm
  • Distance between the bores: 280 to 333 mm
  • Installation materials included
  • Add a supporting tube for usage as an end or corner post in a lifeline system
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Find out more about our ABS-Lock X-SW This anchorage device is simply installed on top of a sandwich roof

Our ABS-Lock X-SW anchor offers you a fall arrest solution specially designed for easy installation on top of a sandwich roof. Just drill 4 holes, remove a little of the insulation material underneath the roof membrane with a screwdriver (or similar) and insert the toggle bolts. To install this anchor, all you need is a minimum sandwich profile (steel) depth of 0.5 mm.

This single anchorage point copes easily with lateral loads once installed professionally. Up to 3 roof workers can hook up to the anchorage eyelet at any one time. Our ABS-Lock X-SW for sandwich profiles can also be used as a simple intermediate support in a non-traversable lifeline system without any real modifications. Or maybe you are interested in using this anchorage point as a corner element or end support? Then simply reinforce it using our optional ABS-Lock X supporting tube.

The pre-drilled holes in the ABS-Lock X-SW base plate are set at different intervals - allowing it to be installed on a variety of profiles with different seam intervals. The distance between the bores ranges from 280 mm to 333 mm.

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