ABS-Lock X-Therm
Anchorage point with thermal insulation - designed for concrete structures

Presenting our ABS-Lock X-Therm anchorage point in moving images: Watch our short product video to find out more about its most important features!

Product information ABS-Lock X-Therm

This stainless steel anchorage point (Ø 16 mm), which comes with a base plate (200 x 200 mm), is specially designed to avoid unintentional heat flux. Install this anchorage device in the concrete ceiling of a passive or energy-plus house using the 4 drive-in dowels provided.

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • Concrete ≥ C20/25
  • For roof structures ranging from 150 to 710 mm in depth
  • Thermally insulated thanks to a special spacer
  • Installed using 4x V4A expansion dowels (included)
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Find out more about our ABS-Lock X-Therm First licensed anchor with real thermal insulation

Our stainless steel ABS-Lock X-Therm anchorage point for concrete surfaces is the right choice, if you are looking for an anchor with real thermal insulation.

In the case of a passive or energy-plus house etc., attaching a fall arrest system may entail having to penetrate a highly-effective insulation layer. Fortunately, our ABS-Lock X-Therm avoids exactly that: The spacer which comes with the device ensures that the warmth stays inside your house even after you have installed your anchorage point, thus avoiding an unnecessary, resp. unintentional flow of thermal energy.

Of course, our anchorage point is also certified in accordance with EN 795:2012, A & CEN/TS 16415:2017 to keep you and your employees safe in situations where several individuals are working at the same time.