ABS-LockSeal XL Bitu & Bitu-S
XL sealant collars for anchorage points installed on a bitumen roof surface (Ø 16, 24 and 42 mm)

Product information ABS-LockSeal XL Bitu & Bitu-S

These particularly long sealant collars were specially designed for sealing up anchorage points on a bitumen roof surface. They are 300 mm long and available in three models: For anchors with or without an additional supporting tube. The collars have also been marked with a series of practical notches which make it easier to shorten them.

  • Sanded or slated - for bitumen roof surfaces
  • Suitable for Ø 16, 24 and 42 mm supports
  • Extra-long: 300 mm
  • Notches cut into the surface every 20 mm allow the tube to be shortened in a straight line
  • Incl. shrink tubing
  • Disc diameter: Ø 420 mm

Find out more about our ABS-LockSeal XL Bitu & Bitu-S Keep your bitumen roof watertight: 300 mm collars for sealing up anchorage points

Use an ABS-LockSeal XL Bitu or Bitu-S sealant collar - both of which have an extra-long tube - to seal up your anchorage point or system support. Our XL collars consist of a 300 mm tube and a Ø 420 mm disc.

We have two models to choose from: Our ABS-LockSeal XL Bitu is sanded whilst our ABS-LockSeal XL Bitu-S is slated and also root-resistant. These homogeneously manufactured seals were specially designed for bitumen roof surfaces. The tubes are marked with notches every 20 mm which allow you to cut them to the right length - neatly and in a straight line.

After installation, the top of the collar is sealed up using shrink tubing. Heat up and shrink the tubing using a heat gun for a permanent, snug fit around the collar and anchorage point. Naturally, the required shrink tubing is also part of the package: Sealant collars for Ø 16 mm & Ø 24 mm supports are supplied with a 100 mm section of shrink tubing; the 42 mm model is supplied with a 150 mm section.