ABS-LockSeal XL Plastic
XL sealant collar for an anchorage point (Ø 16, 24 and 42 mm) installed on a PVC, PP or PE roof surface

Product information ABS-LockSeal XL Plastic

This extra-long collar can be used to seal up an anchorage point on a synthetic roof surface. The collar is 300 mm long and available in three models - for anchors with or without an additional supporting tube. Practical notches make light work of shortening it.

  • Suitable for PVC, PP and PE roof surfaces
  • Suitable for Ø 16, 24 and 42 mm supports
  • Extra-long: 300 mm
  • Notches cut into the surface every 20 mm allow the tube to be shortened in a straight line
  • Incl. shrink tubing
  • Disc diameter: Ø 220 mm

Find out more about our ABS-LockSeal XL Plastic Moulded in one piece - extra-long sealant collar designed for an anchorage point installed on PVC, PP and PE roof surfaces

Our high-quality ABS-LockSeal XL Plastic sealant collar was designed with synthetic roof surfaces in mind. Its special dimensions - with a total length of 300 mm - and the fact that it is moulded in one piece, allow the collar to be installed above the aquifer layer without the need for any additional extensions. This product is homogeneously manufactured in one single piece and has notches cut into it which allow it to be shortened neatly and in a straight line. Just cut the collar in 20 mm steps to flexibly match your roof design.

The disc (Ø 22 cm) of our ABS-LockSeal XL Plastic is simply pushed onto the respective anchorage point or system support from above and fused onto the underlying PVC, PP or PE surface. The top of the collar is then quickly and easily sealed up using shrink tubing - when heated up using a hot air gun or similar tool, this tubing shrinks to snugly fit the end of the collar around the support.

Each model is supplied with special shrink tubing according to the diameter of the support in question. Our ABS-LockSeal XL Plastic model designed for supports with a diameter of 16 mm and 24 mm includes a 100 mm section of shrink tubing. Our model for Ø 42 mm supporting tubes includes a 150 mm section of tubing.