ABS Profi Roofer Kit
Complete PPE kit for roof work

Product information ABS Profi Roofer Kit

Beautifully complete: Our professional equipment kit includes pretty much everything you need to protect yourself from falling off a roof. Safety harness, helmet, connector and more...

  • ABS Comfort safety harness (EN 361:2002)
  • ABS Comfort Helmet (EN 397)
  • ABS Lanyard connector (2m) (DIN EN 354:2010 & DIN EN 355:2002)
  • ABS Lanyard guided type fall arrester (5m) (EN 353-2:2002 & EN 358:2000)
  • ABS Lanyard temporary lifeline system (23m, incl. 2 freely-moving carabiner hooks)
    (EN 795:2012 & CEN/TS 16415:2017 / EN 353-2:2002 & EN 358:2000)
  • 2 x ABS Anchor Loop (tape sling, 1m)
  • 2 x ABS Trauma Strap
  • Incl. robust ABS protective bag for transporting and storing all the components

Find out more about our ABS Profi Roofer Kit Have your complete PPE kit with you - always.

Are you a carpenter or roofer or member of any other profession that needs a reliable fall protection solution? You do not have to go to a whole lot of trouble to put together your protective fall equipment. Our comprehensive PPE kit includes everything you need when using an anchorage device on a roof surface - from a lightweight, individually adjustable safety harness to a guided type fall arrester - and from a  safety helmet with chin strap to a foot sling for protection against suspension trauma in an emergency situation.  We supply all the components of your kit conveniently packed in a robust bag so that nothing can get lost. Naturally, our PPE equipment has been accordingly tested and certified.

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