ABS protective components - designed for anchorage points
Protects the thread (M16) from dirt

Image of a stainless steel support, the upper thread of which has been sealed up using a silicone plug
The silicone plug is inserted into the opening of the female thread of an anchorage point

Product information ABS protective components - designed for anchorage points

Use our practical silicone caps and plugs to prevent dirt from getting into the threads of your single anchorage points and ABS-Lock SYS system supports. Particularly useful during the construction phase or when construction has been delayed.

  • Prevents the top of the thread of your support from dirt
  • Designed for single anchorage points and lifeline systems
  • Available for both male and female threads (M16)
  • Provides protection until the support is finally installed or sealed up
  • Made of reusable silicone material

Find out more about our ABS protective components - designed for anchorage points A clean thread until the installation has been completed

´What is really annoying is when you discover that the thread of your support is dirty or has even been damaged when you finally get round to completing the installation of your anchorage eyelets, intermediate supports or curve elements. The risk of this happening increases if the installation phase drags on over a longer period of time or if there are unexpected delays. Particularly in the case of the more complex lifeline systems, weeks or even months may pass between installing these on your roof surface and your finally completing the installation process.

ABS Safety's reusable silicone caps and plugs protect your threads from light damage or soilage through insulation material, liquid plastic, bitumen and other substances. ABS protective components are available for the male threads of our Ø16 mm supports and supports with an M16 female thread.