ABS RunBeam
Roller-guided anchorage point for steel girders

Product information ABS RunBeam

This stainless steel anchorage device is simply attached to a load-bearing steel girder in a hall - no complicated assembly required. This overhead fall protection system runs along a steel girder on 4 smooth-running rollers . The anchorage point suspended below is used to protect 1 individual from falling.

  • EN 795:2012, type B
  • Specially designed for overhead usage
  • 6 models to choose from:
    • 80 mm / 120 mm
    • 100 mm / 140 mm
    • 140 mm / 180 mm
    • 160 mm / 200 mm
    • 220 mm / 260 mm
    • 240 mm / 280 mm
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS RunBeam Minimum installation effort - anchorage point for existing steel girders

You can attach our ABS RunBeam roller glider to any horizontal girder on your premises - turning the girder into an overhead guide rail for your anchorage devices - no need for any drilling or welding at all. This mobile anchor glides along with very little friction thanks to its 4 smooth-running rollers and high-quality ball bearings. It is designed solely for overhead usage and provides an anchorage solution for 1 individual - moving along the girder as the user progresses. This fall protection device is a strong companion in any industrial setting, be it in a maintenance hall, above your fleet of vehicles or machines, or in a production line environment.

Our ABS RunBeam is available in 11 different widths to accommodate a broad range of girders. The latest generation of this detachable anchorage point has a more compact design and is equipped with 4 additional safety hooks to provide the best possible fall protection. To make it even easier to install an ABS RunBeam, it comes with its 4 rollers pre-assembled so that it can be easily attached to the carrier plate in just a few simple steps. The new, black rollers are also more resistant to UV radiation.

This fall protection device offers maximum comfort and safety when used in combination with an ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifeline (SRL) in accordance with EN 360. This ensures that the connector between the anchorage device and your employee is always set to the ideal length, reducing the fall distance to a minimum. Should the user fall or stumble, the self-retracting lifeline locks within a fraction of a second to prevent a major fall.

Of course, in addition to a choice of high-quality SRL devices, we also offer matching personal fall protection equipment (PPE) for both yourself and your employees - ranging from easy-to-use safety harnesses to a selection of different connectors and lightweight safety helmets for industrial climbers.