ABS SafetyHike
Vertical lifeline for permanently installed ladders

Image showing a young women protected by an ABS SafetyHike vertical lifeline
Use an ABS SafetyHike vertical lifeline system to secure the access route to your flat roof surface - the technician in the image is protected from falling whilst climbing up to the transmitter

Product information ABS SafetyHike

This stainless steel vertical lifeline system is designed for permanently-installed, standard ladders made of steel or aluminium (welded-on or crimped rungs) and is simply clamped onto the rungs of your ladder. We also offer an optional model with a longer protrusion (130 cm) which allows the user to climb on and off safely.

  • EN 353-1:2018 (incl. in former times CNB/P/11.073)
  • Suitable for simultaneous usage by 2 individuals (1 person per glider
  • Fixed guide with stainless steel cable (8 mm)
  • A range of top section protrusions available - up to 130 cm
  • Specially-designed vertical ladder glider with a blocking mechanism to apply the brakes in the case of a fall
  • For rungs measuring max. 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm; other sizes available upon request
Force Directions
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS SafetyHike Guarantees a safe descent: Protruding vertical lifeline solution

Safe right to the very last rung: Our ABS SafetyHike system is a fall protection solution with an integrated vertical rope guide. With its practical rope glider and easily traversable intermediate brackets, this system is a synonym for ultimate safety on permanently-installed vertical ladders. Compared to other vertical lifeline solutions, our ABS SafetyHike offers one decisive advantage: The upper end can be equipped with a 130 cm-long protrusion module. This guarantees that you can get on and off safely.

Our ABS SafetyHike is screwed straight onto the ladder which saves drilling into the facade. This vertical lifeline system is manufactured from stainless steel and fulfils the requirements set down in the PPE directive. It has been licensed and tested in accordance with EN 353-1:2018 (incl. in former times CNB/P/11.073). Each vertical lifeline glider secures 1 individual. A total of up to 2 individuals can use the system at any one time.