ABS SkyRoll

Aluminium roller glider for overhead fall protection systems
Grafik eines Seilgleiters für überfahrbare Anschlageinrichtungen zur Absturzsicherung.

Product information ABS SkyRoll

Attach this roller glider, which is made of highly-durable aluminium material, permanently to a traversable, overhead lifeline system (8 or 6 mm). Thanks to its special ball bearing-mounted stainless steel rollers, this glider runs really smoothly along the cable and can also be used to go around curves (up to 180°).

  • General national technical approval (German: "abZ"): Z-14.9-786
  • Ü symbol
  • EN 795:2012, C
  • Ideal for overhead usage
  • Made of highly-durable aluminium material
  • Extremely smooth-running stainless steel rollers
  • Specially designed for lifeline systems (8 and 6 mm)
Max. no. of users

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Glider for lifeline systems, smooth-running and suitable for curves

Our ABS SkyRoll roller glider is manufactured from highly-durable aluminium material with stainless steel, ball bearing-mounted rollers that allow it to glide extremely smoothly along our overhead-mounted, stainless steel ABS-Lock SYS II (8 mm) and ABS-Lock SYS IV (6 mm) lifeline systems.

This roller glider masters curves effortlessly and is designed to secure 1 individual according to EN 795:2012, C. The whole ABS lifeline system can be used by up to 4 workers simultaneously, whereby each user requires his/her own glider. Our ABS SkyRoll glider is suitable for overhead-mounted lifeline systems attached to ceilings and facades.

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