ABS UniMount
Universal mounting rod for solar panels and many more applications

Stainless steel support ABS UniMount as a variant for concrete substrates. It is fastened with heavy-duty anchors.
Stainless steel support ABS UniMount as a variant for wooden surfaces. The fixing is done with counter plates around the wooden beam.
Stainless steel support ABS UniMount as a variant for steel substrates for countering through the steel beam.

Product information ABS UniMount

This stainless steel rod, which is manufactured completely from stainless steel (Ø 42 mm), is used to install building components and (sub)structures on a roof surface. Our ABS UniMount is a flexible solution which can be used to install solar panels and photovoltaic modules, air conditioning systems and similar components. It can can either be installed on a concrete, wood or steel surface.

  • Base plate (130 x 130 mm) + welded-on mounting rod (Ø 42 mm)
  • Female thread (M 10) at the top end
  • Concrete ≥ C20/25
  • Steel surfaces with a depth of at least 5 mm
  • Wood max. beam width: 80 mm
  • For horizontal and vertical loads of max. 3 kN
  • Incl. stainless steel installation set

Find out more about our ABS UniMount Stainless steel rod for supporting a PV, solar or smoke and heat extraction system.

Our ABS UniMount offers you a universal mounting rod for installing photovoltaic systems and air conditioning equipment. Manufactured according to our traditional high quality levels, this mounting rod is made of a high-grade stainless steel material (1.4301) and bears a weather-resistant, laser-etched label - just perfect for permanent usage out in the open. This label shows that the maximum amount of force that can be diverted through it is 3 kN in any direction of load.

Our ABS UniMount is typically used as a support in a photovoltaic or solar system. However, it is also suitable for installing a broad range of different systems and structures on a flat roof surface. You can choose between the variants for concrete surfaces, which is permanently fixed to the surface with the heavy-duty anchors, for wooden surfaces, which is clamped around the wooden beam with counter plates, and for steel surfaces, which is countered by the steel beam.

Our ABS UniMount is available in two lengths: 350 mm and 500 mm. Its base plate is 8 mm thick. It can be easily sealed up using one of the conventional sealant collars included in our product range so that your roof remains reliably waterproof after installation. The respective superstructure, for example, when used as a solar panel support on a flat roof, is installed using the female thread etched into the top of the ABS UniMount (M 10).

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Accessories / Components

Sealant collar for anchorage points (Ø 16 und 42 mm) - specially designed for cold-bonding

Sealant collar for fall protection anchors installed on a bitumen roof surface (Ø 16, 24, 42 mm)

Sealant collar for anchorage points (Ø 16, 24 and 42 mm) - specially designed for PVC, PP and PE roof surfaces

XL sealant collars for anchorage points installed on a bitumen roof surface (Ø 16, 24 and 42 mm)

XL sealant collar for an anchorage point (Ø 16, 24 and 42 mm) installed on a PVC, PP or PE roof surface