ABS UP System
Telescopic rod for hooking up and detaching your PPE equipment

Detailed image showing a carabiner hook being hooked up using an ABS UP System telescopic rod
When installed directly below the ceiling, fall arrest anchorage eyelets can be easily reached using our ABS UP System
Image showing a young woman using an ABS UP System to hook up her PPE equipment
Our ABS UP System can be used to hook a self-retracting lifeline up to an anchorage point in the vicinity of a window from a safe position

Product information ABS UP System

Use this expandable telescopic rod to access anchorage points that are difficult to reach from a safe zone, for example anchors installed in the ceiling over a window. This telescopic rod is equipped with a device for hooking the carabiner of your PPE equipment up to the anchor - or for detaching it when you are done.

  • Extendable telescopic rod, incl. bracket for hooking up a special DBI carabiner - specially designed to attach your PPE to an anchorage point located high up
  • Standard lengths:
    58 - 98 cm
    160 - 290 cm
    210 - 390 cm
  • Material: Aluminium/plastic
  • Also suitable for the DBI versions of our ABS B-Lock 3.5 - 6m and ABS Lanyard - Guided type fall arrester models

Find out more about our ABS UP System Telescopic rod - specially designed to hook up your PPE equipment, lanyard or self-retracting lifeline

In public and freely-accessible zones, anchorage devices are quite often difficult to reach. The best example of this is over an office window. If you want to hook up the lanyard of your personal protection equipment (PPE) or a self-retracting lifeline (SRL) from a safe position, you will need a telescopic rod. We have included our ABS UP System in our product portfolio specially for usage with ABS Safety PPE.

Upon request, we can also supply our ABS Lanyard connector and ABS B-Lock self-retracting lifelines with special DBI carabiner hooks. These special hooks can be operated using an ABS UP System telescopic rod. This rod is available in 3 different extension lengths: 58 - 98 cm, 160 - 290 cm and 210 - 390 cm - allowing you to easily reach anchorage points installed higher up or in a fall danger zone - e.g. over an open window which can neither be closed nor opened once you have hooked up your protective equipment. Our ABS UP System is based on a durable, lightweight combination of aluminium and robust synthetic materials.

Accessories / Components

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