Cartridge applicator gun WIT
Designed for Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250

Product information Cartridge applicator gun WIT

This easy-to-use cartridge applicator gun is used to apply our Special Adhesive WIT-VM 250. It lets you fill in the bore holes - after the dust and any other particles have been removed - with precision.

  • Robust and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for applying Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250

Find out more about our Cartridge applicator gun WIT Cartridge applicator gun WIT: Specially-designed for Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250

Our Cartridge applicator gun WIT is used to press Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250 into the bore holes during the installation process. This system is required to install anchorage points and anchor devices that are designed for cementing into concrete or masonry.

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