DMC Label - Lock Book Docu
Scan the Data Matrix Code. Document it. Done.

At a glance: Scanned with the Docu mobile app, important product data is immediately available.
With the free Docu documentation app, data is simply read out via smartphone.

Product information DMC Label - Lock Book Docu

Our weather-resistant aluminium label includes a Data Matrix Code for immediate access to all the important product data, saved approvals or information on blocked safety systems. Works with our Docu documentation tool and its integrated Safety Check feature.

  • Simply scan it in using our free Docu app
  • Create a set of paperless documents in seconds
  • Immediate info. regarding the approved, resp. blocked, status
  • Can be easily added to all your products in arrears
  • Designed for anchors, lifeline systems, vertical ladders etc.
  • Suitable for components, equipment and tools that require testing

Find out more about our DMC Label - Lock Book Docu DMC label: All the info. you need in one single code

Using ABS Safety DMC labels turns your anchorage devices into real sources of information. You can access all the stored information at the click of a mouse using our weather-resistant, laser-etched Data Matrix Codes. And that is really easy to do using the practical  scan function of our free Lock Book Docu documentation tool. This makes installation child’s play. You only need to do a single scan of the code to record all the information on the product and its usage in your documentation. And you can do this for every single anchor or system component without the risk of confusing them.

In addition, our DMC labels let you carry out a Safety Check in a matter of seconds. Quickly scan the Data Matrix Code using your mobile device. This then indicates whether the system has been regularly checked according to plan and approved, resp. blocked. What do you need? A smartphone with our free Docu app installed and an Internet connection.

But the best thing of all is that you can individually configure the information to be stored and accessed through the DMC labels - regardless of the manufacturer concerned. This means that you can also make anchorage systems that have already been installed, as well as safety solutions supplied by other manufacturers, a whole lot smarter. Or you use our DMC labels in combination with Docu to ensure your solar collectors are regularly serviced. Or for cleaning the gutters. Or for inspecting important equipment. Simply adapt the tool so that it perfectly suits your working routine.