Roof Safety Hooks Type B by ABS Safety

Use an ABS Safety roof safety hook, licensed in accordance with EN 517, type B, to protect yourself and your colleagues whilst working on a pitched roof. Our roof safety hooks are manufactured from stainless steel and cleverly combine ladder hook functionality with an anchorage eyelet specially designed for use with a safety harness (full body harness). Roofers & Co. simply attach the lanyard from their personal fall protection kit (PPE) to the eyelet to connect the roof hook with the safety/full body harness they are wearing. Once the ropes have been correctly attached, the user is prevented from accidentally stepping off the edge of the roof (assuming that his/her lanyard is kept accordingly short). Should a user fall over the edge, the anchorage device will arrest the attached user (provided that the device is implemented correctly). This is designed to protect the user from the fatal impact of a fall.

Our roof safety hooks additionally offer you the option of hooking up a roof ladder. Other features, such as a cranked shaft or a special base plate which allows you to install the hook at any desired point on the beam, enable flexible installation on virtually any type of roof. This means that you can adjust your roof hook to perfectly fit your roof tiles. We also offer a range of different colors to ensure that our products blend in perfectly with your roof surface. Upon request, we can also supply our products in a variety of special colors. Feel free to contact us to find out which special colors are currently available.

There are two different types of roof safety hook: Type A and type B. Our current models have all been tested and certified in accordance with EN 517:2006, type B (or newer). This allows us to offer you the ultimate in user-friendliness: Type A roof hooks are only licensed for implementation in situations where the user is located below the safety system. Our type B roof safety hooks, on the other hand, provide an anchorage point which can be used in virtually any direction of load. This ensures problem-free usage when going up into the eaves or when working above the anchorage point at the roof apex - or even beyond

Videos Roof Safety Hooks

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