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Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250
Special Adhesive for concrete and masonry

Product information Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250

This two-component Special Adhesive is used to install anchorage devices in concrete and masonry. The cartridge contains 330 ml and is enough for around 10 applications. The required mixing nozzles are included in the package.

  • Two-component Special Adhesive (330 ml)
  • Specially designed for concrete and masonry
  • Mixing nozzles included
  • Suitable for our optional Cartridge applicator gun WIT

Find out more about our Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250 Two-component Special Adhesive for concrete and masonry

Many of our anchorage devices for concrete can be installed using our two-component Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250. Once the bore hole has been drilled, the hole must be carefully cleaned, for example, using an air pump and a special bore hole cleaning brush. Once this has been done, the two-component Special Adhesive is pressed into the bore hole using a cartridge applicator gun.

A matching mixing nozzle is including in our Special Adhesive WIT-VM-250 package. One cartridge contains 330 ml Special Adhesive which is suitable for concrete and masonry (solid or perforated bricks).

If required, you will also find a suitable cartridge applicator gun in our product portfolio, as well as other accessories, such as high-quality brushes and air pumps.

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