ABS Training Week: How to install, maintain and plan ABS fall protection systems

Our ABS Training Week incorporates the following three training courses: “Practical Training: How to Install ABS Single Anchorage Points and Lifeline Systems”, “Training as a Specialist for ABS Systems” and “How to Plan Fall Protection Systems - The Basics”.

Training agenda

Theoretical content

  • Legal basics (laws, standards, DGUV, ...)
  • Legally-watertight installation and maintenance documentation with the help of “Lock Book Docu”
  • Manufacturer's instructions (approval, safety instructions, installation instructions, ...)
  • How to plan fall protection systems - the basics
  • What ABS anchorage systems can do
  • Selection of the right products
  • Installation basics
  • How to inspect anchorage systems - the basics
  • The physics of falls

Practical content

  • How to install single anchorage points on different subsurfaces
  • How to install a lifeline system (traversable / non-traversable)
  • How to create conclusive installation documentation
  • How to inspect single anchorage points and lifeline systems
    • Product groups “ABS Lock” & “ABS SYS”
  • How to create legally-watertight maintenance documentation
  • Recertification of ABS anchorage devices according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Simulating falls
  • How to draw up installation plans using “Lock Book Draw”

Prior to your training

  • We ask that you wear suitable footwear during the practical exercises
  • Register your company free of charge at lock-book.com - your practical assistant for planning and documenting your fall protection systems

What happens after your training?

  • You are now an expert on inspecting and documenting ABS fall protection systems and will receive a certificate
  • This certificate is valid for 3 years
  • 8 advanced training points (Chamber of Construction Engineers [IK Bau])

Do you have questions concerning our training programme?

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