How to use Personal protective equipment correctly
Instruction on the correct usage of PPE (according to German legislation DGUV R 112-198)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) against falling protects the user against a deadly fall accident. A proper instruction on how to use these equipment’s is both legally required as well as highly recommended. Also, such instruction needs to be undertaken every 12 months.

The liability having workers sufficiently training on how to use PPE against falling is with the employer. It is our pleasure consulting you and providing an individual, close to real-life training – just matching your unique areas of application.

Contents of this training

Theoretical contents

  • Legal requirements and legislations on work safety
  • Physics of a fall (falling factor, cumulative forces, deflections/elongations, e.g.)
  • Dangers due to mis-usage
  • Areas of PPE against falling
  • Training on the materials (not related to any particular manufacturer)
  • Storing and care-taking
  • First aid (suspension trauma, secondary injuries, e.g.)

Practical aspects

  • Equipment check before using
  • Taking on and wearing a body harness correctly
  • Usage of PPE against falling according to various applications
  • Simulation of a fall (with a Dummy)
  • Demonstration of rescue options

Main areas of instructions as to fields of usage

  • Work with working platform and work cages
  • Roof and wooden workings
  • High-rack storage
  • Fixed installed ladders
  • Industrial facilities
  • Scaffolding
  • Other activities / individual work activities

Requirements of participation

  • Participants to be 18 years or older
    (Apprentice? Please get in touch with us!)
  • Physical attitude (e.g. G41)
  • First-Aid-Training (recommended)

Time needed

  • According to the fields of usage
  • Upfront we will happily consult you

Following to this training

  • Certificate of participation, valid for 12 months
  • Re-certification in order to keep up with an already existing qualification

Place of happening

This session takes place at our training centre at the headquarters of ABS Safety in Kevelaer, Germany (65km away from DUS International airport). For airport-transportation please feel free to get in touch with us!
If you wish this training to take place at your site, please let us know – we will work out a date and be happy to visit at your esteemed site.

Additional information

This instruction session uses already existing risk assessments together with the already existent equipment – if you do not have your own equipment yet, rental ones can be handed to you for the time of the session.

Any questions on the ABS Safety trainings?

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Accommodation possibilities

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