Online Training for becoming a Competent Person on ABS Safety systems
The #StayHome support for you

Right now, you are not certified as an inspector and would like to check ABS Safety systems?
Or, you have already taken one of the onsite Competent Person trainings before but your certification is about to expire?

Participation on this special training is at 99€/pax.
Following your successful participation, a new certification with a validity of 1 year will be initiated for you.

Objective of this course

You as a later on certified participant will be trained on how to inspect single anchorage connectors and lifeline systems made by ABS Safety GmbH. This implicates the yearly inspection and the corresponding decontrol. You are specially sensitized on the overall topic of risks of falling and able to make the right move on which ABS Safety product to go with – depending on the existing risk assessment.

Requirements for participation

For initiating your individual certification following to this course, an account with the ABS-Lock Book is needed.

If not registered already, feel welcome to do so – free of charge via

Already registered companies can create additional accounts using the administrative area on the respective account. Employees, customers or partnering companies can easily be added.

How is it done

Step 1 – Get in touch with us
Your Training-Team at ABS Safety will provide you an information letter, describing all further steps of your online course in detail.

Step 2 – ABS eTraining module
Work yourself through the eLearning of “Basics on the planning of fall protection” (approx. 45min needed – you can take a break at any time, if needed)

Step 3 – Take the online course
Take your seat in the online training “Competent Person on ABS Safety fall protection systems”. Please refer to the following timetable finding your perfect slot and register yourself online.

Step 4 – Happily receive your certificate
Together with your individual certification you are qualified as an inspector to take out the yearly check on ABS Safety fall protection systems – both from the product groups of “ABS-Lock” and “ABS-Lock SYS”.

You are required to undergo all of above mentioned steps and accomplish them accordingly in order to be awarded with such a certification.

Please take note that this offer is timely limited until personal, onsite trainings will be possible again.

Technical requirements and timetables

  • Internet access
  • Computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Earphones or headset
  • Microphone (optional)