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Date Emplacement Places disponibles Frais Application
19. novembre 2018 - 20. novembre 2018,
8.00 - 16.00 heures
ABS Safety GmbH, Gewerbering 3, 47623 Kevelaer 11 / 12 465,- € Application

Information et Contenu

Target Group:

  • This training is aimed at all persons who are working at height and use PPE against fall.
  • And all people who want to take over the regular inspection and assesment of PPE against fall, e.g. safety specialists, roofers, construction workers etc.



  • European and national regulations.
  • Selection and evaluation of PPE against fall, material science, labeling, proper use, factors of a fall, minimum fall clearance.
  • Fall protection anchors according to EN 795
  • Storage and maintenance, longevity, maintenance intervals, manufacturer´s instructions, discart criteria, organization of the examination and hazard identification.
  • Consequences and measures after a fall, suspension trauma and rescue procedures.


  • General knowledge test (according to BGG 906)
  • Proper fitting of full body harnesses including suspension test
  • Descender and / or rescue exercises
  • Final test

Target of the PPE- and Proficiency Training

  • Training competent persons for PPE against fall


  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Basic knowledge regarding use and handling of PPE against fall
  • After sccessful completion of the training, the participant should be capable of fulfilling the assigned tasks


  • Catering
  • Detailed seminar materials
  • Certificate of compentence

Note: Minimum number of participants (5)

ABS Contact
Sebastian Klenke | s.klenke@absturzsicherung.de | +49 2832 97281-254

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