Installation and maintenance of your fall protection, with full service

Fall protection is mandatory in Germany. With the full service from ABS Safety, you really are on the safe side when setting up modern and reliable anchorage equipment. If you so wish, on your behalf we can take over any tasks which arise, on the way to your compliant safety solution. Our services for you:

  • Expert specialist advice at your level
  • A comprehensive design concept on the basis of your building plans
  • Technical verification of the installation plans in terms of practicability
  • If necessary, an onsite inspection in your company, building, or construction project
  • Scheduling of delivery
  • Deployment planning of fitters
  • Appointment onsite with you and your contact partners or customers
  • Ensuring professional installation and planning, including documentation and certification
  • Training your employees in the professional use of the equipment

Our all-round service makes the installation (assembly) of your fall protection system a straightforward matter. We will be happy to continue to support you even after the installation, and to provide the compulsory annual inspection (maintenance) of the anchorage equipment – obviously inclusive of the required labelling and documentation for the trade organisations and your safety officer onsite.