Videos & Downloads

The following pages contain a selection of practical templates and documents for your anchorage system.
In addition, we have created a range of easy-to-understand videos on our products; most of these are less than 2 minutes long and contain very little text.


Downloads & links for planning your fall arrest system

This section contains practical information and info. sheets that will help you to plan your fall arrest system. Simply download the document(s) you need in PDF format - or just follow the links to the respective publications.

Our selection guide will help you to easily find the perfect ABS anchor / anchorage point for your project

Use our Project Enquiry Form to record the most important details of your project - quickly and securely

For roofers & Co. who like to install their fall arrest system themselves, we have prepared a practical planning guide - based on a series of simple images - to provide a rough guide to the best places to install your anchorage points and lifeline systems along the edge of a roof surface

More downloads

Be on the safe side. Read these safety notes carefully before installing, using or servicing your ABS Safety anchorage devices. Following the basic instructions and recommendations contained in this document will ensure that all goes smoothly when using our fall arrest systems.

Our Inspection Log provides you with an overview of your system. You can use this log to enter all the inspections carried out on your anchorage device, record any defects alleviated and keep track of the next date when your device needs to be inspected by a specialist for personal fall protection equipment (PPE)

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