Just one click: Our safety solutions - explained in just a few seconds.

For which type of surface is this product suitable? How is it installed and what tools are required? What are the main features? Our product videos provide you with all the answers: Our series of short video clips demonstrate the highlights of our anchorage points, lifeline systems and roof safety hooks and provide you with key product data.

Corporate Movie ABS Safety

Who we are and what we do: The ABS Safety corporate movie. Take a look at our YouTube video.

Production of ABS Fall Protection anchors

How get fall protection anchors produced? Take a look at our YouTube video.

Anchorage points

Our range of anchorage points for virtually any installation surface are the heart and soul of ABS Safety’s operations. Developed according to the „as easy as possible“ principle, our anchors score top marks for user-friendliness and ease of operation.

ABS Weight OnTop Max (01:39)
ABS-Lock III-BE (00:43)
ABS-Lock X-T-One (01:23)
ABS-Lock X-SR-HD (01:19)
ABS-Lock V (01:01)
ABS Lock X-T-21 (01:06)
ABS-Lock X-Klemm (00:50)
ABS-Lock III-R Concrete (00:50)
ABS-Lock III-R Steel (00:46)

Lifeline systems & components

An ABS lifeline system is the ideal solution, if you are looking for an interruption-free fall arrest system to cover a large distance on a large, flat roof surface. Our lifeline systems are based on high-quality components that are guaranteed to cut your installation and maintenance costs and provide extra safety.

ABS-Lock SYS Facade & Walls (01:35)
ABS-Lock SYS Overhead (01:21)
ABS-Lock SYS - Traversable (01:33)
ABS-Lock SYS - Non traversable (01:30)
ABS CompactForce - Tensioning element (01:11)
ABS TI-FlexCurve - Flexible curve (01:21)

Roof safety hooks

Our stainless steel roof safety hooks – which are manufactured in line with EN 517, type B – serve as an anchorage eyelet for safety harnesses whilst doubling up as a ladder hook.

ABS-Lock DH04-F (00:43)
ABS-Lock DH04-OG (00:46)
ABS-Lock DH05 (00:47)
ABS-Lock DH06 (00:47)