ABS Systems Specialist

This training course qualifies the participant to carry out the compulsory annual maintenance of our ABS fall protection systems.

Once a participant has been certified, he/she is qualified to inspect and approve the single anchorage points and lifeline systems supplied by ABS Safety GmbH.

He/she has been particularly sensitised to the danger of falling and is capable of developing individual solution strategies for working at heights based on the ABS product portfolio and risk assessments.

Target group:
Experienced installation technicians, foremen and women, persons in charge of carrying out inspections.

More information

Training agenda

Theoretical content

  • Legal basics (laws, standards, DGUV, ...)
  • Legally-watertight documentation with the help of “Lock Book”
  • Manufacturer's instructions (approval, safety instructions, installation instructions, ...)
  • How to plan fall protection systems - the basics
  • What ABS anchorage systems can do
  • Selection of the right anchorage devices
  • How to inspect anchorage devices

Practical content

  • How to repair single anchor devices installed on different subsurfaces
  • How to assess the installation documentation
  • Our digital tools: Lock Book Docu & Lock Book Draw
  • How to inspect single anchorage devices and lifeline systems (product groups “ABS Lock” & “ABS-Lock SYS”)
  • How to create legally-watertight documentation
  • Recertification of ABS anchorage devices according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Simulating falls

Prior to this training

  • As a prerequisite, we expect you to have already gained some installation experience, e.g. through participating in our Training as an Installation Technician Specialist for ABS Systems training course.
  • We kindly ask that you wear suitable footwear during the practical exercises.
  • Feel free to use your existing Lock Book account during the training session or register here free of charge.

What happens after your training

  • Passing the test qualifies you to inspect ABS fall protection systems.
  • You will receive a certificate.
  • This certificate is valid for 3 years.
  • The validity can be extended by an additional year by attending our online training course.

Event location

The training course will take place at our training centre at our headquarters in Kevelaer in the Lower Rhine region.
However, if desired, we can also carry out this training on your premises.
Please click here for more information.

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