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ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam ZW Fall Protection Anchor Metal Roof | clamped

  • EN 795:2012, C + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Clamped onto a seam - completely penetration-free
  • Mounted on a single seam
  • e.g. Rheinzink and similar systems; also suitable for copper standing seam panels (Cu)
  • Designed exclusively for use in a lifeline system
  • Incl. installation set

Product description ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam ZW

Designed for lifeline systems installed on metal seam roofs. Also ideal for leading a cable over the roof apex

Our ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam ZW ist designed for implementation in a lifeline system. It is used to bridge an obstacle to prevent the stainless steel lifeline cable stretched across it from coming into contact with this obstacle.

Our stainless steel intermediate support is simply clamped on to the seam using aluminum clamps that fit perfectly. The clamps allow you to install the device without having to penetrate the roof membrane. This keeps your roof surface sealed up whilst providing a reliable anchorage device to simultaneously secure several individuals on top of your metal seam roof surface.

Our ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam ZW model has been certified for exclusive usage as a component in a lifeline system. If you require a single anchorage point for a standing seam roof, just click here.