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ABS BorderMark Barrier System Flat Roof | weighted down

  • Stainless steel post with a carabiner for opening and closing
  • specially-designed UV-resistant plastic weights (ca. 27kg)
  • Weatherproof synthetic barrier chain
  • Warning plate (224 x 124 mm)
  • Minimum distance to the edge: 2 m
  • Posts can be placed up to 5 m apart

Product description ABS BorderMark

Barrier chain to warn and protect people from falling

Our ABS Bordermark barrier chain system is used to cordon off and mark the position of a dangerous edge on a roof surface or similar where the danger of falling off or through is considerable. This barrier system consists of stainless steel posts which are weighted down using synthetic weights and a weather-resistant barrier chain made of 8 mm synthetic links. Thanks to its bright colors (black/yellow), the chain is really easy to see.

The ABS BorderMark weights are manufactured from special UV-resistant plastic material. Practical recesses make these weights easy to carry. Protective mats underneath the weights also protect your roof membrane. This ABS product is rounded off by a carabiner which can be used to open and close the system and a warning plate.