ABS-Lock III-R-ST anchorage points - Recall Campaign

Whilst processing a customer damage report, we detected an atypical failure which occurred during the installation of one of our anchorage points. Although, according to the macroscopic examination carried out, the damage was caused by the use of excessive force, the material itself was found to have an irregular structure which facilitated the damage.

As we strive to offer you only the very best products - and ones which are absolutely safe, we strongly urge you to send us any anchorage points you may have from the following batches so that we can replace these free of charge and rule out the risk of their continued usage.

  • 1901119
  • 1902523

Are you currently using any anchorage points from the batches listed above?
Then please send them to us. You will receive a replacement straight away.

Sending the item back

Please fill out the online return form and we will arrange the free collection and will notify you regarding the estimated pick-up date.

Return form (Online)

Questions? Follow this link to the FAQ

Why are the items concerned being recalled?
You can find answers to this and other questions in our FAQ link.