ABS Escape and Rescue Guard Rail System
Weighted down Escape and Rescue Guard Rail System for flat roof surfaces

Product information ABS Escape and Rescue Guard Rail System

Our modular system allows you to flexibly create a 1m-wide escape route on a flat roof surface. The ABS Escape and Rescue Guard Rail System has rails on both sides and is installed without penetrating the roof surface. This aluminium system is held in place using weights.

  • DIN 14094-1: 2017-04
  • Modular design with 90° corners
  • Width: 1m
  • Incl. rubber patches to protect the subsurface
  • Weighted down with
    • optionally available alvanised steel grates (slip resistance rating R10) or
    • concrete paving slabs to be provided by the customer (50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm)

Find out more about our ABS Escape and Rescue Guard Rail System Escape and Rescue Guard Rail System - installed on the roof without penetrating the surface

Escape routes designed in accordance with DIN 14094-2 | 2017-04 provide a safe means of rescuing people if a building has to be evacuated via the roof surface, for example, due to a fire or other emergency. Our ABS Escape and Rescue Guard Rail System not only makes it easy to set up such a safety solution but also lets you individually adapt your escape route according to the conditions on your flat roof surface. Thanks to 90° corner units, you can easily run your escape route around a domed rooflight or any other obstacle or hazardous area. Hand and knee rails on both sides mean you never put a foot wrong.

To ensure the system remains safe and reliable whatever the weather is doing, simple weigh your ABS Escape and Rescue Guard Rail System down using standard paving slabs (50cm x 50cm x 5cm). Upon request, we can also supply special galvanised steel grates (100cm x 50cm x 5cm) in accordance with EN ISO 1461 which can be used to weigh down your system. Added safety bonus: Our steel grates offer extra protection due to complying with slip resistance rating R10.

Installing one of our Escape and Rescue Guard Rail Systems is just as easy as installing a standard guard rail system: The straight sections are individually cut to the required length on site. All the components of the frame are then connected up using the stainless steel connectors that are included in the package. The hand and knee rail tubes are simply slotted together and fixed in place using the clamps provided.

There is no need to penetrate the roof membrane during installation. The membrane is further protected by rubber patches which are placed under each system stand. These patches are also included in the package.