ABS Guard OnTop Weighted
Specially designed guard rail for your green or gravel roof environment

Product information ABS Guard OnTop Weighted

This lightweight aluminium guard rail is set up in a green roof environment using either gravel or substrate. The system does not require any additional weights as it simply makes use of the weight of the existing greenery. As the height of the device can be individually adjusted up to a maximum of 120mm, it is really easy to compensate for small differences in height - without this being obvious. The system can also be easily connected up to a lightning conductor system.


  • EN 13374:2019, A
  • Distance between the posts: Max. 2.50m
  • The height can be individually adjusted (0-120mm)
  • Each post is secured using either 102kg of substrate or 136kg of gravel
  • Surface load 68kg/m2 (substrate), resp. 92kg/m2 (gravel)
  • Incl. EPDM patches to protect the subsurface

Find out more about our ABS Guard OnTop Weighted This guard rail system, specially designed for green roof environments, keeps your roof load down

Green roof environments are now fashionable. To ensure that looking after the greenery on your roof surface can be done safely, it is generally necessary to install a guard rail system on a flat roof surface. Our ABS Guard OnTop Weighted Guard Rail offers you a durable, and  lightweight guard rail system without needing to set up additional weights on your roof. Not only does this help you to comply with the maximum permissible roof load but it also reduces the amount of installation effort involved.

Simply use either the substrate or gravel already present in your green roof setup to weigh down the supports of this side protection solution (height: 1,100mm). A piece of fleece material (100 x 150cm) has been screwed onto the base of each support. 2 EPDM patches, which are, of course, included in the shipment, are placed underneath to protect the roof membrane.

When it comes to adapting the system to accommodate the structural design of your flat roof surface, our ABS Guard OnTop Weighted Guard Rail system provides a convincing solution. Our range of different curves, corners and gate elements allows you to flexibly adjust the system to suit your architecture - and to provide the perfect connection for your vertical lifeline, if one is required, i.e. without any gaps in the system.