Traversable lifeline system (6 mm) for PV installations

Product information ABS-Lock SYS-K2

Our traversable ABS-Lock SYS-K2 lifeline system offers solar system installation technicians and roof professionals reliable fall protection. This anchorage system is optimally aligned to the solar systems manufactured by K2 Systems and is permanently attached to the PV module supports.

  • DIN EN 795:2012, C, E & CEN/TS 16415:2017
  • The whole system, including our ABS TI-FlexCurve curve elements, is fully traversable
  • Suitable for usage with the K2 Dome 6.10 and K2 Classic solar systems
  • Simultaneous protection for 2 individuals
  • The stainless steel cable is 6 mm in diameter (V4A)
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Our ABS-Lock SYS-K2 system combines the reliable protection for which ABS Safety's stainless steel lifelines are famous with a customised solution suitable for usage with the K2 Dome 6.10 and K2 Classic PV modules. This permanently installed anchorage solution is based on a 6 mm stainless steel cable which is led around 2 sides of the modules in an “L” shape.

Thanks to our specially designed gliders, roof professionals can now hook up safely to a PV system and move around it unimpeded for maintenance and cleaning purposes. They no longer have to constantly unhook the carabiner hooks of their personal fall protection equipment (PPE) and then reattach them to the system. Not only does this increase safety, but it also enables the work to be carried out more smoothly.

Our ABS-Lock SYS-K2 system provides installation professionals & Co. with a safety solution which is perfectly aligned to the PV systems manufactured by K2 Systems. It is best to attach the system directly to the aluminium beams whilst the load-bearing modules are being installed. However, it is also possible to install the system in arrears.

ABS-Lock SYS-K2 is suitable for all K2 Dome 6.10 and K2 Classic solar systems capable of coping with loads of at least 760 kg. Upon request, the cross rail bars and climbers required for mounting your lifeline system can be supplied by K2 Systems when your solar system is delivered.