ABS RailTrax
High-quality, stainless steel rail safety system

Image showing a stainless steel ABS RailTrax anchorage device attached to a steel girder
It is also really easy to install an ABS RailTrax system overhead - all you need are the right installation accessories
Image showing an ABS RailTrax system installed horizontally to secure a falling edge
Our ABS RailTrax system is typically installed on a wall - parallel to the work route along the falling edge

Product information ABS RailTrax

Adapt this high-quality, stainless steel rail safety system to fit your building or substructure perfectly. It can be used to secure 3 individuals simultaneously and is installed overhead, on a wall or on the ground. Upon request, this system can also be supplied in extremely durable 316 steel material.

  • EN 795:2012, D
  • CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Secures 3 individuals simultaneously (1 individual per glider)
  • Designed for horizontal, lateral and overhead usage
  • End termination allows the glider to be easily attached and detached
  • Suitable for installation on concrete and steel structures

Find out more about our ABS RailTrax Rail system for the construction sector and industrial applications.

Fall protection that meets the toughest demands: Our ABS RailTrax anchorage system consists of a flexible rail system which can be planned to suit your needs and uses smooth-running roller gliders. It offers your workers the utmost in convenience under the toughest conditions. All the components are manufactured from 304 stainless steel material but can also be supplied in 316 quality upon request. The great advantage of this is that 316 steel contains 2 percent molybdenum which considerably increases its resistance to chlorides - making it a preferred solution in industrial sectors with an increased exposure to chemicals.

Our ABS RailTrax rail guard system simultaneously secures up to 3 workers per roller glider during dangerous assignments high-up. Our first-class gliders allow your workers to move along the secured stretch of rail without encountering any obstacles. Our anchorage device also runs easily around corners. The practical end bracket lets you attach and detach the roller gliders at just a flick of the wrist. All the components used in this high-quality fall arrest system have been tested in accordance with EN 795, class D.

Do you have any more questions with respect to planning your system or our range of rail guard models? Our Technical Team will be happy to help you!