ABS Vertical Ladder Rail
Vertical safety rail for fixed ladders

Photo showing a rotary switching unit installed in a vertical ladder system
Our specially designed rotary switching unit lets you climb off the ladder easily and safely.

Product information ABS Vertical Ladder Rail

Our ABS Vertical Ladder Rail system is simply attached to the rungs of your fixed ladder using special rail mounts. A rotary switching unit - specially developed for this system - helps you to move off your ladder and over the parapet easily and safely.

  • EN 353-1:2018
  • Designed for simultaneous usage by 2 individuals (1 person per guided type fall arrester)
  • Our Vertical Ladder Rail provides a fixed anchor point
  • Safe exit thanks to a rotary switching unit
  • Ultra-modern guided type fall arresters with locking mechanisms that automatically kick in in the event of a fall
  • Rung dimensions max. 30 x 30 mm
Force Directions
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS Vertical Ladder Rail ABS Vertical Ladder Rail - simply attach it to the rungs of your fixed ladder

Our high-quality ABS Vertical Ladder Rail lets you work on an aluminium or steel fixed ladder without encountering any problems and means that you can enjoy maximum safety. The user is reliably secured in the event of a fall thanks to our guided type fall arresters, which are equipped with special locking mechanisms. Each fall arrester secures 1 individual, a total of 2 individuals can use the system at any one time.

Our ABS Vertical Ladder Rail lets you cover any distance from the ground without any restrictions. A particularly useful feature of our ABS Vertical Ladder Rail is that you can climb off sideways onto a platform. You can easily get on and off whenever you want so that you can work at intermediate points or at different levels. As the system revolves around being flexible and adaptable, you can make optimum use of it in a variety of different environments.

In addition, our ABS Vertical Ladder Rail system is equipped with foldaway resting platforms. These allow you to rest safely whilst on the way up and to take a break without having to leave the ladder. Whether you are carrying out maintenance work, inspections or any other activities, our Vertical Ladder Rail offers you all the safety you need whilst working high up.