ABS Warning Sign
Stainless steel “Danger of tripping” and “PPE compulsory” warning signs

Product information ABS Warning Sign

Stainless steel “Danger of tripping” and “PPE compulsory” warning signs. Pre-drilled holes for flexible and easy installation. The angle of the signs can be manually adjusted for optimal alignment. 

  • Robust, stainless steel warning signs
  • ”Danger of tripping” and “PPE compulsory”
  • For long-term outdoor usage
  • Various installation options: Concrete, wood, steel, bitumen etc.

Find out more about our ABS Warning Sign Caution: Stainless steel warning signs for edges where there is a danger of tripping and where PPE is compulsory

Fall arrest starts with the right mental attitude: Our high-quality ABS warning signs can be used to mark places where there is a danger of tripping, such as at the edge of a roof, on industrial machines or similar installations - or to point out that it is compulsory to wear personal fall protection equipment (PPE) whilst working. These signs comply with the requirements to remind all those that work high-up - from roofers to maintenance technicians - of their duties - urging them to take particular care when working at an edge where there is a danger of tripping - or in areas where there is a risk of falling.

These typically triangular warning signs, which are manufactured by ABS Safety in Germany, are made of weather-resistant stainless steel material and can be manually adjusted to the required angle during installation for good visibility. This design means they are extremely compact when shipped so that they can easily be transported up onto a roof or to the respective area of application.

Of course, we can also provide the protective equipment referred to on the “PPE compulsory” signs and required in the working areas where these signs have been set up. We supply high-quality, standard-compliant personal fall protection equipment at fair prices - with clever additional features -  ranging from safety harnesses with integrated high-visibility vests to helmets with a chin strap.