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ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam Fall Protection Anchor Metal Roof | clamped

  • EN 795:2012, A + CEN/TS 16415:2013
  • Clamped onto two adjacent seams - completely penetration-free
  • Seam intervals: 300 - 450 mm / 420 - 660 mm
  • For steel and stainless steel ≥ 0.5mm; copper ≥ 0.6mm; aluminum ≥ 0.7mm; titanium zinc ≥ 0.8mm
  • e.g. Rheinzink and similar systems; also suitable for copper standing seam panels (Cu)
  • Incl. installation set

Product description ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam

Steel, copper, aluminum…… this is the anchor you have been looking for for your standing seam roof surface

Are you looking for an anchorage point / anchor for a standing seam roof? Then our ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam is just the perfect solution. This anchor is simply clamped on to two adjacent standing seams and is available for seams that are between 300 and 660 mm apart (e.g. Rheinzink). The real advantage: The special aluminum clamps do not penetrate the roof membrane so that your roof remains completely watertight.

Simply clamp our ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam single anchorage point onto 2 adjacent seams to secure up to 3 individuals. Alternatively, use this anchorage device to setup a more complex lifeline system. Should you need to bridge any obstacles along the way, our range of products also includes an ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam model with a protruding bracket.

The ABS-Lock Falz IV Standing Seam can be installed on really thin surfaces, e.g. steel and stainless steel surfaces only 0.5 mm thick is all you need.