Substructure for PV panels - designed to be fused onto a bitumen surface

Product information ABS BASE Fusion

Are you wondering how you can securely install your photovoltaic system on a bitumen roof surface? Then we have just the solution for you.

Our ABS Base Fusion substructure can be fused onto an existing bitumen roof surface with very little effort. Installation without the need for on-top weights is ideal for roofs with a low load reserve.

Special feature: The substructure can accommodate a guardrail system without putting the structural calculations under further pressure through additional ballasting. This means that the total load resulting from one of our PV systems is much lower than that of other commercially available systems as these are generally installed independently from one another - thus doubling the overall load.

  • Flat roof pitch ≤ 5°
  • Does not increase the overall fire load
  • Installed using bitumen patches that come with the product (slated, 400 x 270 mm)
  • Can be installed using RESITRIX® SK W FullBond (to be provided by the customer, not included in the package)
  • Compatible with
    • ABS Solar Guard Mobile guardrail system
    • ABS Guard OnTop guardrail systems

Find out more about our ABS BASE Fusion Installing solar panels on a flat bitumen roof surface - no extra ballast required!

Installing a photovoltaic panel on a flat roof surface requires a substructure you can rely on. ABS Base Fusion offers you the ideal solution.

The robust design of this highly weather-resistant aluminium substructure and the simple installation process guarantee that your solar panels can be installed safely. In addition, the fire load up on your roof surface stays the same due to the fact that aluminium materials are used.

This makes our ABS Base Fusion substructure the perfect choice for your flat roof surface - providing a reliable foundation on which to base your solar energy production.

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Image showing an ABS Solar Guard Mobile system attached to our specially designed ABS BASE Fusion PV substructure - installed on a flat roof surface.

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