Substructure for PV panels - designed for weighting down

Product information ABS BASE Weight

Our ABS BASE Weight substructure is simply installed on a flat roof without penetrating the surface. This all-rounder lets you install the fall protection solution of your choice. Whether you are planning a permanently-installed or mobile guardrail system - or a lifeline solution: They are all perfect partners for this substructure.

  • Flat roof pitch ≤ 5°
  • Compatible with
    • ABS Solar Guard mobile guardrail system
    • ABS Guard OnTop guardrail systems
    • ABS-Lock SYS lifeline systems

Find out more about our ABS BASE Weight Your best friend for ballasting - substructure designed for PV panels

Simply insert paving stones (bricks) into the floor rails provided as ballast material. This keeps your ABS BASE Weight firmly in place.  The robust design of this highly weather-resistant aluminium substructure and the simple installation process guarantee that your solar panels can be installed safely.

You can also link your ABS BASE Weight System directly up to a fall arrest system - and are free to choose whether you want to install a guardrail or a lifeline system. Bricks (or similar) can be used to provide the additional ballast required simply by placing them in the ballast rails that are specially installed to this purpose.

Using an ABS Solar Guard mobile guardrail system particularly pays off. This guardrail solution rolls along with you - space-saving, preventing shading and offering maximum flexibility - for you and your colleagues. This is the only PV substructure that provides approved, DEKRA-certified, mobile collective protection - only by ABS Safety.