ABS Comfort
Easy-to-wear safety harness for continuous usage when working high up

Photo showing a worker carrying out maintenance work on a rain pipe who has hooked up his safety harness for added fall protection
Our ABS Comfort safety harness protects the technician, should he fall out of the cage
The secret is knowing how to do it: This short video shows you how to put on an ABS Comfort safety harness correctly so that it keeps you safe
Detailed image showing the special label certifying that our ABS Comfort safety harness has been tested in line with the provisions
This seal of approval label documents that our ABS Comfort safety harness has been accordingly tested and also indicates how long it can be used

Product information ABS Comfort

Simply adjust this easy-to-wear and pleasantly lightweight safety harness (one size) to your individual size. This harness is one of the basic components of a PPE kit and is equipped with 2  suspension loops at the chest, one D-ring at the back and time-saving quick release fasteners.

  • EN 361:2002
  • Shoulder and back padding
  • Practical quick release fasteners for putting on and taking of the harness quickly
  • Shoulder and leg straps can be individually adjusted
  • Suitable for users up to 136 kg
Max. no. of users

Find out more about our ABS Comfort Lightweight and reliable PPE safety harness: Meet our ABS Comfort

Comfortable PPE equipment for continuous usage: Our ABS Comfort safety harness combines reliable protection with a high level of user comfort. Thanks to practical quick release fasteners on the legs and at the chest, you can put on and take off your safety harness at lightning speed. You can attach your connectors to the front or back, as required - depending on the intended usage. There are 2 suspension loops in the chest area; you can also hook up using a D-ring on the back.

Use the adjustable shoulder and leg straps of our ABS Comfort to individually adjust the harness for a perfect fit. Breathable padding over the shoulders and across the back ensure that the harness is comfortable to wear and prevent the straps from sitting directly on top of items of clothing. Another special feature of this PPE harness: If you hold up the harness by its ring eyelet, it will automatically fall into the correct position - making it easy to put on.

Our ABS Comfort is a true all-rounder, designed for use in climbing, securing and rescue work. Through its extremely lightweight design, you will not find it unpleasant to wear even if you have to work in it for longer periods of time. This ABS Safety harness is certified in accordance with EN 361:2002.

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